USB Extension Cables – Maximum Length, Benefits And Limitations

When you will search online about USB extension cables, you will find only basic ideas but you will be amazed to know how things change and become less complicated as compared to past years. If you witness that technology is changing at a fast pace and still improving then you need to strongly believe that there would be a time when you have to pay amount to know about researched information and data like maximum length for USB cables, its design and specifications.

USB extension cables

==> Maximum length without passive category

With technology advancements, there would come a time when existence of these types of cables would slowly diminish from world as world is going wireless and more technical every day. If we talk about maximum length of USB extension cables then it actually depends on type of application and purpose. If extension cables are not utilized for passive category then maximum length defined by experts is up to 16 feet.

==> Maximum length under passive category

In case, it has to be extended beyond 16 feet then you should hook up the extension cables together to form a network. The maximum length to hook up extension cables is up to 80 feet. This signifies that you can hook up to five wires of 16 feet together to form a repeated chain. In this case, you have to be extra cautious otherwise there are chances of losing data in between because of poor connectivity or wire damage. The most application of extension cable is to connect multiple PCs, printers, scanners etc.

==> USB extension cable manufacturers and suppliers

The USB extension cables may vary in prices, specifications and designs based on brand or manufacturers. You have to choose the brand r manufacturer based on your budget and project applications etc. Leading manufacturers also offer custom solutions to industries on special request for successful transmission of data even above 80 feet.