Safeguard Your Home And Office With UL Approved Cables India

UL approved cables are suitable to use along three building types – residential, commercial and industrial. The manufacturers always design UL approved cables not only to meet standard requirements but custom specifications of national electric code as well. NEC has a complete list of specifications for different type of cables that should be understood properly before you start manufacturing any electric wire or power cable.

What Are The Characteristics Of UL Approved Wires Or Cables?

Usually, different types of cables are marked with different labels to assure cable authenticity. At the product surface, there is some vital information that is necessary for successful installation of product. In case, surface marking is almost impossible for any of the product then cables are categorized under UL approved list.

UL Approved Cables

Features of UL approved cables India

  • UL approved cables have color tracers under its jacket.
  • Few UL cables have also temperature rating defined under the jacket.
  • These cables have low flammable content and fire resistant too.
  • It is worth installing UL approved cables as they assure maximum safety against shocks and sparks.

What we actually meant by “UL Approved” cables India?

UL approved or certified cables always assure quality product with maximum safety and security. So we can say if you but some power cable with UL certification or approval, this states that you don’t have to get worried about safety standards and product efficiency.


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