Everything About Control Cables In India And How They Are Different From Power Cables

jpg1Control cables in India play a vital role in the electronics industry. These are the utmost essential components for process automation.

Known for their exclusivity, flexibility and durability, the utility of control cables in India specially lines up at almost a spectrum of electronic items.

Generally made up of class 5 copper conductors and steel that is available in the galvanized form facilitating a strong confront to mechanical faults, the control cables in India and elsewhere also are technically termed as multimode cables.

Thoroughly intensified with PVC insulation and a transparent yet strong PVC sheath, the control cables are easy to use and any unexpected damages can be identified within no time.

Control cables in India are made in different varieties to serve various industrial purposes and the basic ones are the Round Wire Control Cable and the Flat Strip Armoured Control Cables.

Also let us understand various types of these cables and their utility.

PVC Control Cables


PVC control cables, theoretically polyvinyl chloride cables, are the most preferred cables among various varieties of control cables that are available in the Indian market. They are flexible and extremely durable and their utility is scaled specifically to medium mechanical strain. And the advantage of using these cables is that they are versatile at operation in various weather conditions be it dry or wet or moist environmental scenarios. These cables are comparatively easy at installation front and are definitely reasonable cost wise. Considering their versatility, they are used in air conditioners and other relative electronic appliances which require something within them to withstand any harsh environmental conditions.

Special PVC control cables are different to that of the general PVC control cables. Right from the color to their functioning they are different. Colored in black, these PVC cables are in great demand in different parts of the globe with specific reference to Eastern, South-European and Arabian nations. However, one disadvantage of these cables is that they are not compatible to underwater circumstances.

PUR Control Cables


PUR cables, theoretically Polyurethane cables, are mostly used in the machinery arena. With the utility of these cables extending from different machine tools to control systems to linking of control panels and other heavy industrial machinery, the PUR cables come with a mark of superior quality and exclusivity, for they are demanded to be extremely resistant to anything that may cause a hindrance in the industries. For instance, mineral oils or synthetic oils or ultraviolet radiation or water based coolants or anything relative to these. The PUR cables are one of the elite products in the industrial sector that can easily adapt to any harsh conditions.

Single Core Cables


Just like the multicore cables that are known for reliability and durability, these single core one also are highly flexible and their utility is more in drag chains. This cable has a greater demand and value in the international market as it is exceptionally preferred in the exporting industries, in the designing of robots and other machinery parts that are automated.





An Alternate USB Solution: Active USB Extension Cables

The best alternative to USB extenders is active USB extension cables with bi – directional booster that allows addition of extra USB cables with maximum length of 5 meters or more. Here, need of extra hub can be eliminated that are generally required to connect cables together. Active USB cable has one small controller to transmit signals in right direction. It may have captive cable at one end and connector at other end.


The self powered version of active USB cable is also available in market that allows signal transfer without any interference. Signal delay is common problem with USB cables because multiple active components travel together from 5 to 40 meters cable length.

Problem and solutions

  • The biggest problem with USB extenders is power management. But this problem has been eliminated with active USB cables as they are bus powered and it can be operated at low voltage also. They are also capable in handling heavy loads without any signal loss or interference.
  • The other common problem with USB extenders is sudden voltage drop when multiple extenders are connected together in proper way. The only solution to address this problem is utilizing bus powered extenders that is compatible with multiple PCs and other electronic devices. It reduces extra cost for hub connectors and power cables. Voltage consumption is also low when compared to other similar devices.

The active USB extension cables India have immense capability of power handling but calculations have to be made carefully to avoid power overloading. These are self powered devices that can be used anywhere with maximum comfort and convenience. These wires can be extended up to 40 meters length as needed by particular application or project.

These wires can be availed in both self powered and bus powered versions. Both versions have multiple benefits and advantages. So industries have to select carefully which version is more efficient for their applications.