Submersible Flat Cable India: Properties and Selection


Today electrical instruments are found in all kinds of terrains — from deep underwater to far in the space. This also means that we need cables that can connect to such instruments. These are cables that can withstand adverse and corrosive environments. One such example is the submersible flat cable that are used in submerged conditions.

Submersible flat cables in India are typically used for submersible pumps in deep wells. They are also used in all kinds of underwater projects. As the name suggests, their speciality is in withstanding the corrosion caused by water. They can be used in both fresh water and seawater. In salt water the cable must be able to survive in even more corrosive environment.

Submersible cables are also used in high moisture environments where there is a high and constant exposure to water, such as irrigation. Even if not completely submerged, the cable attaching to the pump is exposed to constant exposure to water. The cables here Some locations where submersible pumps and submersible cables are found are:

 — Boreholes

— Deep under well

— Sewage treatment plants

— Deep sea projects

— Firefighting

— Offshore drilling rigs

— Irrigation

 What makes submersible cables different?

 A submersible cable comes under a special category of cables because of the environment it is found in. This also demands certain properties in the cable. Some of these are

— Resistance to moisture: Since the cable is submerged in water, it must be able to withstand the corrosive effect of water.

— Resistant to chemicals: In some environments like sewage treatment plants, a cable is exposed to highly corrosive environments with high amount of dissolved chemicals. The cable must remain instant and withstand any corrosion.

— Resistant to abrasions: Water often has tiny abrasive particles, such as rock with ragged edges or other debris. Over time such particles can cut the cable. This can be very dangerous, since water is very conducive to electricity. Hence, submersible flat cables in India have an extremely tough and durable insulating layer and jacket.

— Resistant to grease: Submersible cables are often exposed to high levels of grease and oil since they are often attached to implements like submersible pumps. This means that they must also have resistance to oil and grease.

— Long flex life: This comes from their strong structure. But long flex life is also a necessary requirement in submersible cables. Since underwater cables usually have to maintain free movement underwater, which requires a good flex life.

All submersible cables are not the same. There are many kinds of submersible cables in India. These can be categorized as single or multiple conductor, flat or round. In flat or round, submersible flat cable India are most popular. This is because flat cables have excellent flexibility. However, the type of cable will mostly depend on the function it performs. These usually have PVC insulation and rubber coating.

Choosing the right cable:

Choosing the right cable is important because of the demanding conditions that submersible cables are usually placed in. The task becomes more difficult because of the many types of cables available in India. But a wrong choice means that you reduce the life of the cable and possibly endanger the entire project.

For instance, cables with water pumps at the depth of 500m or more have Rubbe 3 or Rubber4 core. These also have an extra insulation. These cables have high ability to withstand water fluctuations as well as oil and water corrosion. On the other hand, sewer systems typically use PVC3 – PVC4 cables. This is because the cables have a high resistance to acidic and toxic elements. These usually contain three-stranded bare copper conductors. When selecting between round and submersible flat cables in India

The other factor you must see is the certification of the cable. Check for certification such as compliance with ISO standards. Since it is impossible to check for reliability of every cable, certification is the only reliable means of judging quality. You must also select a manufacturer or supplier who can also supply related components.


With rising applications of submersible cables, more and more industries and projects now use these for various projects. Fortunately, high specialization in the industry means that we have every kind of cable to select from. However, it is important to understand what we are looking for before we buy the cable.


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