There’s a pattern to select power control cables

power control cablesWhile you may be selective for picking supplier of control cables in India, we bring this useful article to you to understand the criteria for selecting a power and control cable. Read further to know more about the subject.

There are key points to select power control cables.

  • Aluminum conductor PVC insulated power cable marked with 1.1KV grade should be applied to several applications in control room
  • For all protection/control/instrumentation purposes, PVC insulated control cables should be used. These cables should be of minimum 2.5 in size
  • AC input cable should be of PVC insulated, armoured, stranded copper cable. DC output cables from the battery and charger should be of PVC insulated, stranded copper cable.
  • Separate cable should be applied for AC and DC
  • Sizing of power cables should be done while considering continuous current, voltage drop, and short circuit current. Size of the cable should be correct so that voltage supply can be hurdle free.

Cable insulation considerations

The sheath insulation should have a compound based on one of the following-

  • PVC
  • Ideal co-polymers with major constituent vinyl chloride
  • PVC insulated 1100V grade power

Outer sheath considerations –

Outer sheath should be intended with over armouring. Manufacturers need to apply outer sheath by extrusion, so that it fits closely over armouring.

Outer sheath should have features like fire resistance, high tolerance, water proof, heat resistance, weather resistance, etc.

Inner sheath considerations –

For multicore power cables, manufacturers should use inner sheath made of extruded PVC.

Armouring considerations –

Armouring should be applied over the inner sheath used for multicore power cable. It should be done with galvanized round steel wires.

Guarantee/ warranty considerations –

It is the bidder who ensures electrical characteristics. If materials used for constructing power cables failed to meet guarantee, it will be rejected rightfully. It is the responsibility of the bidder to submit guaranteed technical particulars during detailed engineering along with other documents or drawings.

To shop control cables, you must get in touch with genuine supplier in your local. Dealers in your local may provide you best cables and wires at reasonable price. If you want to place order in bulk amount for big project, you can contact Control cables India suppliers from anywhere. Find Indian suppliers of control cables online and write your requirements to them. It’s a simple trick to access the list of suppliers without wasting your time.



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