Safeguard Your Home And Office With UL Approved Cables India

UL approved cables are suitable to use along three building types – residential, commercial and industrial. The manufacturers always design UL approved cables not only to meet standard requirements but custom specifications of national electric code as well. NEC has a complete list of specifications for different type of cables that should be understood properly before you start manufacturing any electric wire or power cable.

What Are The Characteristics Of UL Approved Wires Or Cables?

Usually, different types of cables are marked with different labels to assure cable authenticity. At the product surface, there is some vital information that is necessary for successful installation of product. In case, surface marking is almost impossible for any of the product then cables are categorized under UL approved list.

UL Approved Cables

Features of UL approved cables India

  • UL approved cables have color tracers under its jacket.
  • Few UL cables have also temperature rating defined under the jacket.
  • These cables have low flammable content and fire resistant too.
  • It is worth installing UL approved cables as they assure maximum safety against shocks and sparks.

What we actually meant by “UL Approved” cables India?

UL approved or certified cables always assure quality product with maximum safety and security. So we can say if you but some power cable with UL certification or approval, this states that you don’t have to get worried about safety standards and product efficiency.


USB Extension Cables – Maximum Length, Benefits And Limitations

When you will search online about USB extension cables, you will find only basic ideas but you will be amazed to know how things change and become less complicated as compared to past years. If you witness that technology is changing at a fast pace and still improving then you need to strongly believe that there would be a time when you have to pay amount to know about researched information and data like maximum length for USB cables, its design and specifications.

USB extension cables

==> Maximum length without passive category

With technology advancements, there would come a time when existence of these types of cables would slowly diminish from world as world is going wireless and more technical every day. If we talk about maximum length of USB extension cables then it actually depends on type of application and purpose. If extension cables are not utilized for passive category then maximum length defined by experts is up to 16 feet.

==> Maximum length under passive category

In case, it has to be extended beyond 16 feet then you should hook up the extension cables together to form a network. The maximum length to hook up extension cables is up to 80 feet. This signifies that you can hook up to five wires of 16 feet together to form a repeated chain. In this case, you have to be extra cautious otherwise there are chances of losing data in between because of poor connectivity or wire damage. The most application of extension cable is to connect multiple PCs, printers, scanners etc.

==> USB extension cable manufacturers and suppliers

The USB extension cables may vary in prices, specifications and designs based on brand or manufacturers. You have to choose the brand r manufacturer based on your budget and project applications etc. Leading manufacturers also offer custom solutions to industries on special request for successful transmission of data even above 80 feet.

How Is India Able To Make It To The Top In Computer Cables Export?

Computer Cables Exporters

The technology advancements and new trends could make many impossible things possible today. But, did have you ever thought what if computers had no cables? Well. Isn’t that impossible? At least for the next see-able future, computers without cables, is not a possible thing.

Computers have changed the every bit of what world was prior to their emergence. They are man’s most incredible invention. Computer cables are as valuable as a computer itself, for without them the system cannot function. The computers cannot switch on if they never had a cable connecting the CPU to the power cord and also the monitor to the power cord.

Computer Cables Exporters

Computer cable manufacturing is the most intrinsic and very profitable genre of all the computer part manufacturing, for these cables are the most important ones when it comes to computer functioning. Not just manufacturing, computer cable exporting also has gained great swing ever since India became one of the most preferred destinations by other countries for industrial imports.

Computer cables, that facilitate powering on of the system to data or files transfer from the computer to other relative devices, are of different types and come with different specifications to serve various per-conceived purposes or functions.

Exporting of computer cables alone has grabbed a major space in the import and export market that belongs to India. With a lot of manufacturers turning out to be suppliers and exporters as well, the export of computer cables has seen a great change leading computer cable exporters towards the success lane.

Right from computer intra-connection cables like the cables that connect power plug to CPU, CPU to monitor, UPS to CPU, CPU to Keyboard and CPU to speakers or mouse to the computer networking cables, exporters are well versed in dealing with qualitative computer cables that serve the purpose of global client with unique requirements. Not just the generic cables, the computer cable exporters in India are known for exporting best quality USB cables and other industrial cables.

The computer cable exporters tie up with efficient suppliers and branded manufacturers to make sure the quality standards of the export market are properly met.

Important Points That Everyone Must Know About Electric Power Cables

Electric power cables are the most intrinsic ones in transmitting and distributing electric power. They make power distribution from transmission systems to the end user appliances, quite easy. A typical power cable is an enclosure of a set of electric wires in a protective sheath.

Electric Power cables

The design, construction and the material used to make a power cable depend on the environmental conditions, voltage and the power carrying capacity.

A power cable’s components include a stranded copper conductor, a semi-conductive screen layer, an insulator, a filler and tape, a copper tape screen layer, a stainless steel wire armor and a PVR inner sheath.

The advantages of a electric power cables are:

  • They maximize the temperature of a conductor, thereby facilitating power transmission
  • The electric power cables are resilient to harsh environmental conditions
  • Due to their best resistance capacity, these cables can last long
  • They need a very less land as per width for installing
  • They don’t demand greater maintenance sessions or repair costs
  • Most importantly, power cable lessen the transmission losses

Formed with a couple or more electrical conductors that are merged together under a cover, the power cables facilitate power transmission and they are moreover quite reliable and durable.

Power cables are available in varied sizes, different colors and a variety of materials which are specifically made to fulfill certain specific functions either in domestic systems or in commercial systems.

A power cable is a basic composition and combination of a conductor, insulation and a protective sheath.

Mostly power cables are made out of either aluminum or steel. These cables are available in a variety of types as per customer requirement. Be it fire-resistant or heat and moisture resistant, you get power cables with those specifications in the market.