Get the Best USB Extension Cables That Won’t Damage Your Devices


The makers of USB extension cables bring the latest USB type C connector that fit to laptops and smartphones, and several other devices. However, there are many USB C cables poorly designed by manufacturers and such cables could potentially damage your hardware. This is why you need to be alert before buying any USB type C cables for your brand new hardware devices. There are certain specifications you need to look up to ensure that your device is complaint with the USB C cable or not.

How poorly designed USB C cables can damage your hardware?

The issue is specifically with cables that has a USB Type C connector on one end and older USB connector on the other end. For instance, there are many devices that still use USB Type A. When you get a USB type C device, you may want to use the USB Type as a charging cable for your older laptop or power blocks.

The issue- USB Type C devices can support faster charging, you may find it great. However, the most USB Type a devices were never intended by manufacturers to offer as much power as a USB Type C device can consume.

Suppose you have a computer with an older USB port i.e. Type A and a new smartphone with the new USB port i.e. Type C. You’d connect the computer to the smartphone using the USB type A to USB type C. Precisely designed cable helps prevent the smartphone from drawing excess power from the computer’s USB port. The poorly designed cable will let the smartphone to draw too much of power and this could damage your computer or its USB port.

Even the manufacturers of smartphone have shipped bad cables. Prior buying a cable with a USB Type C connector at one end and an older USB connector at another, you need to ensure that it is specifically designed as per the USB C specifications and won’t damage your devices.

Read reviews online before buying these cables from eCommerce stores. Note down the names of manufacturers who meet the requirements and avail best designed USB extension cables from them. You can direct contact companies and get delivery at home or else visit the store of the retailer that is selling manufacturer’s products at decent rates.

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An Alternate USB Solution: Active USB Extension Cables

The best alternative to USB extenders is active USB extension cables with bi – directional booster that allows addition of extra USB cables with maximum length of 5 meters or more. Here, need of extra hub can be eliminated that are generally required to connect cables together. Active USB cable has one small controller to transmit signals in right direction. It may have captive cable at one end and connector at other end.


The self powered version of active USB cable is also available in market that allows signal transfer without any interference. Signal delay is common problem with USB cables because multiple active components travel together from 5 to 40 meters cable length.

Problem and solutions

  • The biggest problem with USB extenders is power management. But this problem has been eliminated with active USB cables as they are bus powered and it can be operated at low voltage also. They are also capable in handling heavy loads without any signal loss or interference.
  • The other common problem with USB extenders is sudden voltage drop when multiple extenders are connected together in proper way. The only solution to address this problem is utilizing bus powered extenders that is compatible with multiple PCs and other electronic devices. It reduces extra cost for hub connectors and power cables. Voltage consumption is also low when compared to other similar devices.

The active USB extension cables India have immense capability of power handling but calculations have to be made carefully to avoid power overloading. These are self powered devices that can be used anywhere with maximum comfort and convenience. These wires can be extended up to 40 meters length as needed by particular application or project.

These wires can be availed in both self powered and bus powered versions. Both versions have multiple benefits and advantages. So industries have to select carefully which version is more efficient for their applications.