XLPE Power Cables Cord Safety Guide by Professionals


Electrical cables are sensitive and needed to be kept hidden to prevent unnecessary accidents. XLPE power cables manufacturers would like to share safety guide with you all. To avoid mishaps and fire accidents, they bring certain tips that you can follow and protect your home or site against hazardous risks.

Read these tips and apply in your life whenever you have to deal with power cables:

  1. Keep exposed cords out of the path of foot traffic and furniture to prevent overheating, fraying, and tripping.
  2. Never run a cord under a rug. If you run a cord under cover, it will prevent the cable from releasing its heat and this could result in fire incident.
  3. It is important to avoid dangling cords anywhere. At such time, they can be pulled down and tripped over.
  4. Do check that there is no crimping or pressure on cords. Never force the cables and cords to fit into small spaces or behind furniture. Over time, this could result in breakdown of the insulation of cord. When using devices like plastic spiral wire wrap, you must avoid cramming too many cables together. Keep them loose.
  5. Never use nails or staples to connect cords or cord bundlers to a surface like a wall or a baseboard. This could damage the cord insulation and create a fire or shock hazard.
  6. Never overload extension cords or outlets with too many applications or appliances with excessive wattage. Check the maximum capacity of an extension cord and ensure you don’t exceed it.
  7. Don’t use an adapter to acquire an extension cord using a three-prong plug into a two-prong outlet.
  8. Don’t plug extension cords together. If you require longer cord, bring one for your use.
  9. Never use an extension cord to plug in a power strip. You should buy a strip instead with a longer cord.
  10. It is advisable not to use a cord if it is hot to touch.

All these great tips are shared by manufacturers of power cables that supply complete range of cords and cables including electrical cables, industrial cables, XLPE power cables, etc. If you need to import premium range of power cables, you can connect with cable manufacturer like ultra cab wires and avail assorted range of cables and wires at reasonable rates. For feedback, you can make comments below.