Manufacturers of Instrumentation Cables in India Bring Their Complete Range

Manufacturers of Instrumentation Cables

PVC insulated or sheathed instrumentation cables in India are widely accepted products. Though manufacturing units are making exceptional wires and cables solutions for industrial and domestic purposes, still PVC cables are the first and foremost choice for the users. In this post, leading supplier and manufacturing company will explain distinct types of instrument cables produced and intended under supervision of proficient engineers.

Today’s manufacturing and processing operations are vastly measured and handled by electronic circuitry. For greater control and accuracy, connection cables need to be high efficient and reliable. Instrumentation cables are intended in a way to ensure ease of installation, least interference in signal transmission and complete compliance to recognized industrial standards.

Instrumentation cables have diverse applications. These cables are designed for instrumentation applications and communication and in around process industries like cement, paper, oil, steel, power generation, etc.

Let’s discuss a few instrumentation cables produced by them-

PE/ PVC overall screened cable

It is a single pair and multi par cable containing copper conductor and PVC sheathed, PE insulated product. Its voltage rated as 300-500v.

Construction in detail-

  1. Conductor- it is a simple annealed circular shaped stranded copper conductor
  2. Insulation – it is done with PE or polyethylene
  3. Pairing – Two insulated cores insulated together in uniform way to make a pair with maximum lay length of 100mm.
  4. Pair identification- Color code
  5. Cabling – Twisted pairs are laid up together and filled with non-hygroscopic material when required. This material is compatible with the insulation.
  6. Screening
  7. PVC Sheath

PE insulated PE bedding steel wire armoured pvc sheathed cable

These are single and multi-pair cables having copper conductor, PE bedding, insulation, steal wire armoured and PVC sheathed. It has voltage rating – 300/500V.

Construction of this cable-

  1. Conductor – it is of plain annealed circular stranded conductor made of copper.
  2. Insulation – is done with PE
  3. Pairing – is done with two insulated cores that are uniformly twisted together to make a pair with maximum 100mm lay length.
  4. Pair identification – color code
  5. Cabling
  6. Screening
  7. PE Bedding
  8. Armouring
  9. PVC Sheathing

There are few more designs of instrumentation cables supplied by manufacturing units across the world. Exporters of instrumentation cables in India are top rated partners to source premium range of cables and wires at minimal rates.